Photo of Barrett Davis Barrett Davis

Tree Frog Software
PO Box 24
Erie, CO 80516, USA

Barrett Davis
Software Architect

Primary languages: Objective C, C++, Java, C#, C, XML
Secondary languages: Python, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Flex, HTML, CSS, JSON, Smalltalk, Assembly
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, TensorFlow, Apache Tomcat, Apache Axis2, J2ME, Brew, JDBC, WSDL, .NET
Databases: MySQL, PostrgreSQL, BerkeleyDB, Oracle, MSSQL
Operating Systems: iOS, UNIX (Linux, BSD, Solaris), OSX, Windows, RTOS

Recent Projects

  • On device Speech Recognition
  • Machine Learning
  • Independent game development
  • Special purpose OCR for Chickasaw
  • DNN library in C++
  • Contact Center Reporting Systems (iOS Clients and Server)
  • Code generator for high performance Gigaspaces XAP system, Java Servlets and SQL tables.
  • Contact Center simulator and expert system
  • Redesign of the MySQL Memory Engine
  • Mobile RSS reader
  • Mobile video player
  • Mobile travel booking service

Career Philosophy
I work well with people from all disciplines, and I love to use my engineering talents to help people solve problems and expand their knowledge. I find great reward in producing both consumer products and custom tools for research.

I have worked as a successful software and firmware architect and implementer of high traffic Web servers, embedded systems and consumer products for the past 35 years. I have spent the majority of my career in Silicon Valley working for consultancies and startups.