Barrett Davis
PO Box 24, Erie, CO 80516, USA
Architect and implementer of high traffic web servers, embedded systems and shrink wrapped products.
Excellent design skills and implementation experience.
Solid management and interpersonal skills.
Contagious, positive "can-do" attitude. Very focused on product and team success.
Cross platform development including: iOS, UNIX (Linux, BSD, Solaris), macOS, tvOS, Windows and RTOS.
Languages: Java, Objective-C, C++, C, C#, JavaScript, Python, SQL, Flex, HTML, XML, PHP, SmallTalk and various assembly languages.

Aug 2019 — Present, Principal Engineer, Speech Recognition, Rosetta Stone, Boulder, CO
Aug 2015 — Sep 2019, Director, Speech Recognition, Rosetta Stone, Boulder CO
Aug 2014 — Aug 2015, Team Lead, Speech Recognition Engineering, Rosetta Stone, Boulder CO
Assembled and supported a diverse to provide custom Speech Recognition for all of the Rosetta Stone family of products.
Coordinated with all levels of the company, outside vendors and business partners to craft solid engineering solutions to succeed in the market place.
Promoted new technologies and developed new algorithms to position our products for the future.

C++, Objective-C, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, TensorFlow, iOS, Linux, XBOX

Dec 2008 - Aug 2014 Architect, Avaya, Westminster, CO
Designed and developed authentication, authorization and real time reporting systems for Contact Centers.
Tomcat Servlets were employed as data concentrators that supported iOS and Flex clients.
Data center simulation using agent based modeling.
Automated code (Java,XML,SQL) generation for a high performance Gigaspaces XQP based reporting product.
Expert System and related tools to support Avaya Service teams.

Java, Objective C, C++, iPad, iPhone, iOS, Linux, Windows, Tomcat, Jetty, WebLogic, JUnit, JSON

Mar 2008 - Oct 2008 Application Architect, TopCoder, Glastonbury, CT
Designed and led developers on a number of consulting projects including:
AOL - RSS reader client and Apache servlet for cell phones
EBay - MySQL Memory Engine performance tune and CAL OLAP data viewer
OnPoint - Unemployment claim processing & recovery system
Yappr - Video and subtitles on cell phones for language instruction

Java, C++, C#, Flex, SQL, J2ME, WSDL, Windows, Solaris, Linux
Dec 2005 - Feb 2008 Senior Software Engineer, Portaga Inc., White Plains, NY,
Designed and implemented a branded mobile travel service for PDAs and cell phones, including branded J2ME launchers.
Led the design and implementation of the AJAX travel booking client.
Designed a server system to support heterogeneous clients and multiple travel suppliers.
Evaluated OpenJaw and Farelogix multi-GDS travel suppliers.

C#/.NET, JavaScript, Java, C++, XML, XSLT, CSS, SQL, J2ME, Windows, FreeBSD
Jun 2004 - Sept 2005 Product Development Manager, Niche Software Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand,
Designed and implemented the Wellnomics Management Information System.
The client application monitors and reports computer use statistics that are important to managing and reducing RSI.
The server centralizes the storage and reporting of these statistics and provides a mechanism for administering the client settings.
The server operates with the current WorkPace product and a number of other products that are under development including WorkCare and WorkTrainer.

C++, PHP, XHTML, XML, SQL, mods for PHP, PostgreSQL and Apache, BSD, Windows
Nov 2003 - May 2004 Engineering consultant, Clockwise Personal Timepieces Inc., Boulder, CO
Designed and produced a Palm Pilot product and retail website. The application shows the current phase of the moon, tracks menses dates and has an advanced basal temperature charting feature.

C++, PHP, HTML, SQL, Palm OS, Linux
Feb 2003 - Nov 2003 Senior Software Engineer & Partner, Silver Leaf Software LLC., Niwot, CO
Developed portions of a voice recognition system that reports traffic, transit and weather information to the public in 10 states.
The system now runs on the BeVocal, Frank Solutions and IBM WebSphere VXML platforms.
The state administrators update the system through Java or HTML clients, or industry standard XML data streams.
Created a custom transit reporting system for Acadia National Park, Maine.
Added transit support to the existing traffic server product, CARS, including a live XML-TCIP import mechanism and support for transit updates via a Java client.
Coordinated product evaluations, testing and server deployment with our client.

Java, SQL, XML, VXML, TCIP, Linux, Windows NT & XP
Aug 2001 - Jan 2003 Senior Software Engineer & Project lead, Conexant Systems, Inc., Scotts Valley, CA,,
Helped create the 3.3 Mp HP 720 camera with USB 2.0, printing, email and file sharing capabilities.
Led a senior design team to create a multi-threaded architecture for camera development using C++ and the MQX RTOS for our asymmetric multiprocessor system.
Helped evaluate a number of RTOS for use with the new architecture.
Integrated a HP printing library, DirectPrint, into a digital camera project.
Implemented a XML file sharing mechanism known as ShareIntent.
Designed and implemented a cross platform memory manager with a log and replay debugging facility.
Created a tool to find optimal scaling factors for a proprietary parallel processing unit (SIMD).
Worked with a consultant to produce a Blue Tooth enabled camera prototype.
Coordinated the efforts of the engineers to successfully complete a new camera project.
Worked closely with all members of the hardware group to help qualify new preproduction chips and initiated an investigation into novel low power modes that could eliminate boot time delays.
Worked closely with clients to to have our firmware perform well with their hardware and desktop software.
An extensive review of the HP 720 can be found at

C++, C, XML, DPOF, JPEG, Solaris, Windows, MQX, Embedded ARC and custom vector processor.
Jun 2000 - Aug 2001 Director of Software Engineering, Extenex Corporation, Soquel, CA
We designed and built a solid-state hand-held computer to deliver PowerPoint presentations.
I was the first person hired in this start-up after we secured our seed VC financing.
Recruited and hired software engineers, hardware engineers, an IT professional, a product tester and a graphic artist.
Participated in all aspects of the product design.
Chose Linux for our embedded OS.
Designed and wrote the embedded applications, including the device interfaces ( USB, IrDA, RF and Video.)
Led and reviewed software engineers, consultants and an intern. Had fun building a great team.
Presented our firmware designs and prototypes to investors and prospective business partners.
Actively participated in all aspects of a true start-up including contacting VCs, and all aspects of starting a business and opening an office.

C++, STL, XML, SVG, Linux, MFC (Windows), Palm OS, Embedded Strong Arm system running Linux.
Jul 1997 - May 2000 Senior Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Talk City Inc., Campbell, CA,,
TalkCity was a world class home page and Internet chat network, with continuous streams of live events, featured celebrity interviews and product tie-ins.
Managed the following projects: Chat Proxy, HTML Client, Group Tools, Partner Tools, Home Page Tools,
Participated in the site redesign that focused on usability and membership value.
Designed and implemented: the production chat server, member enrollment and home page system, and EZTransfer which is a web page copying spider for Talk City.
Implemented plug-ins for the Microsoft Enterprise chat servers,
Created and maintained a number of cron jobs to periodically track statistics and update partner databases via ftp or email.
Integrated third party tools in such a way as to improve system availability.
Interviewed, hired, promoted, reviewed engineers and graphic designers. Managed half of the engineering staff.

C++, Netscape server side plug-ins, Apache mods & J-servlets, Oracle SQL & OCI libs, STL, HTML, NetGravity, Urbanite, Solaris, NT
Jun 1994 - Jun1997 Senior Software Engineer, Project Manager, Thuridion Software Engineering, Scotts Valley CA,
Thuridion is a high quality software engineering consulting company with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, professional results and a well documented engineering process.
Designed and implemented a NT device driver for multiple Datel PCI-416 A/D acquisition boards for use on dual CPU machines. A number of these machines were used, in mobile vans, to gather time synchronized high resolution radio data for a company that was experimenting with a new technology to remove noise from cellular phone transmissions in areas with marginal coverage.
Designed and implemented a secure installation and update utility for use with all of the Prodigy client applications, world wide.
Created a secure IP platform as a basis for a number of secure web applications for Advantis and Visa using the RSA security libraries.
Designed a Radio Mail proxy system for Ardis Radio Network to Microsoft Exchange.
Ported a NetScript interpreter (similar to PostScript) from Mac to a Windows Acrobat plug-in for Adobe.
Updated a custom web site for Cathay Pacific Airlines that auctions unsold tickets using MS IIS, SQL & JavaScript.
Created an in-house tool to help generate printing scripts for a series of HP printers.
Generated a prototype suite of applications with a design team for focus group studies.
Completed a cellular modem/PC interface and data display for Air Communications.
Interviewed, hired, managed, mentored, encouraged, promoted, and reviewed about half of the engineering staff.

C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, Windows, NT, DOS, AIX, Macintosh
Jun 1992- Jun 1994 Senior Software Engineer, Technical Lead, CAD Solutions Inc., San Jose, CA
Designed and implemented the architecture for a multi-user electrical CAD system
Designed and implemented the virtual machine for the compiled macro language.
Designed for third party product integration and integrated debugging.
Created a communication backbone using DDE.
Achieved a large percentage of platform independent code.
Managed the technical staff and concentrated on making a positive, productive work environment.

C, Windows, DOS, Solaris
Feb 1991 - Jun 1992 Senior Software Engineer, Technical Product Design, Momenta Corporation, Mountain View, CA
Helped design and build a pen-based computer with handwriting recognition, a pen-centric user interface and a suite of applications.
Designed and prototyped portions of a future Momenta system, specifically, new versions of the SmallTalk virtual machine and our custom extensions.
Managed the integration of the first Momenta system.
Transferred existing Digitalk V286 primitives to Parkplace ObjectWorks DLLs.
Augmented the Watcom compiler to support DLL data segment switching.
Created numerous internal development tools and aided the Build, Test, Release group.
The Momenta Computer was featured on the covers of BYTE and PC Computing, won the PC Computing's Most Valuable Product Award for 1991 and was a finalist in BYTE's Best of Comdex Fall 1991.
I earned the coveted Momenta "Software Hero Award" for 1991, for dedication above and beyond the call of duty and reason.

C, Smalltalk, x86 Assembly, Momenta OS, DOS, Windows
Apr 1989 - Feb 1991 Software Engineer, Group lead, Caere Corporation, Los Gatos, CA,
Design and development of portions of OmniPage, OmniPage Professional, Parallel Reader and Typist optical character recognition products.
Designed and led OmniSpell project for Macintosh and Windows.
Developed a text editor that retains formatting in Macintosh and Windows.
Created a mechanism to translate recognized text to various word processor formats.
Investigated OmniPage development on NeXT.
Managed the 386 Windows protected mode integration.
Our work in OmniPage earned the PC Magazine's technical excellence award for 1989 and the Info World magazine technical excellence award for 1990.

C, Objective C, C++, 68K & x86 Assembly, Macintosh, NeXT, DOS, Windows, XENIX
Jun 1987 - Apr 1989 Software Engineer, Osborne & Paddock Inc., San Francisco, CA
Three person company that developed, installed, supported and modified software for financial institutions. Most of our work utilized NCR equipment.
Created device drivers for optical scanners, magnetic card readers, journal and passbook printers, encryptors, communication ports, and touch screens.
Modified Lattice DBIII tools for Microsoft Windows.
Developed a 3270 emulation layer for host communication.
Developed and implemented data compression and disk caching algorithms.
Created custom user interfaces using touch screen, mouse, menus, EGA and Monochrome graphics.
Extensive travel and positive client interaction.

C and x86 Assembly, MS/NCR DOS, Windows
1988-1989 Engineering and Physical System Consultant, Applied Optics, San Jose, CA
Developed a thin film characterization apparatus.
Integrated a Varian spectrophotometer with our mathematical model to nondestructively characterize the thin films used in hard drives and silicon wafer fabrication.

C, Macintosh, DOS and UNIX
1987 System and Program Consultant, Paris Pastries, San Francisco, CA
Developed Macintosh programs for computer ordering and invoicing of pastry products.
Program features included automatic modem control, file structure compatible with Excel and FileMaker, DA event handling, automatic screen blanking, database management and remote database synchronization.

C, Macintosh
Sep 1981 - Jun 1987 System Engineer and Research Assistant, with Dr. deFontaine, Dept. of Material Science and Mineral Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
High energy experimentation at Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory and Computer modeling of atomic systems.
Designed and constructed experiment equipment. Developed software to automate experimental data acquisition. Selected, acquired and maintained hardware. Oriented research staff to computer services.

Pascal, Fortran, Assembly, Basic, Macintosh, DOS, UNIX, RSX-11M+, RT-11
Education: B.A. Physical Science, University of California, Berkeley, June 1988.
Degree includes: Physics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Telerobotic modeling.
Patent: 13,408,830 Contact Center Monitoring. Co-author 2012.
Patent pending:
US 14,159,301 Setup Application for Generating Custom Code. Author 2017
US 20,120,295,594 Performance Center Mobile Supervisor Application. Co-author 2012.