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PleaseReturn Icon Frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning our PleaseReturn app.
Q: Does this run an an iPad?
A: Yes, PleaseReturn runs just fine on both the iPad and iPad2. It was designed for the iPhone, but works on all iOS devices.
Regards, Tree Frog.
Q: Thank you for the program, but how do I get the screen to appear as the wallpaper?
Ray, Sent from my iPhone
A: Hi Ray,
Thanks for your note. Our app does not save a screen as a wallpaper. That is an excellent feature to include in our next release.
Regards, Tree Frog.
Q: Where did you get your background photos?
Thank You, Aldis
A: Hi Aldis,
We hope that you like the photos. They are from our travels in Australia, Colorado and New Zealand.
Thanks for using our app.
Regards, Tree Frog.