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Audio Credits

Most of the following audio was made available through the generious contributions of members.

The sounds are licensed under one of the Creative Commons licenses.

Bang Bang
trance_coder_7_Bangbang_130.wav by -zin-
Big Ben
Big Ben Hourly Chime
Hourlychimebeg.mp3 by hyderpotter
Black Bird
Fender Classic guitar
Blackbirdtheme.wav by eltenjohn
British Telephone engaged tone.
engaged.wav by hyderpotter
Comet Jam
Piano improvisation
Courtesy of Curt Siffert
Duck Quack
Mallard Duck in flight. by dobroide
Fog Horn
Reportedly: The Portland Bill Light foghorn, on the Dorset coast in southern England.
fog horn sample(dry).wav by kathol
Last Message
Piano improvisation
Courtesy of Curt Siffert
Notification Sound
Courtesy of Apple Inc.
Old Alarm Clock
Wind up alarmclock alarm_clock_ringing_01.wav by Joe DeShon (joedeshon)
Saw Dust
Synthesized guitar, bass and drums
sawdust.aif by Barrett Davis
Ship Horn
MS Finnmarken entering Bergen Harbor on Oct 6, 2006
msfinmarken_Bergen.aif by Leon Milo (milo)
Tatort.wav by eltenjohn
Synthesized guitar
wander.aif by Barrett Davis
Wind Chime
chimes.wav by Dan Oberbauer (DJ Chronos)
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