Sankyo SR8437 SCARA robot arm

The Sankyo SR8437 SCARA robot arm is a well built, rigid arm with good repeatablity.

SCARA is an abbreviation for "Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm."

These robots are excellent pick and place robots. They are useful for precise positioning of components for assembly and for very light machining.

We have had excellent results with this arm and very good support from AES motomation.

Mechanical specifications of the SR8437 SCARA

Degrees of freedom Four: T1, T2, Z, Roll
Working Range
  T1      + 117  deg
  T2      + 135  deg
   Z        250  mm
Roll      + 360  deg
Maximum speed
  T1      5200  mm/sec
  T2      5200  mm/sec
   Z       610  mm/sec
Roll       510  deg/sec
 X-Y      + 0.03  mm
   Z      + 0.02  mm
Roll      + 0.02  deg
Payload 2 kg typical
10 kg max (with reduced acceleration)
Maximum rotating torque 6 nm
Arm weight 90 kg
Interface at end-effector 15 electrical conductors
3 pneumatic tubes
1 camera-mount
Diagram of the SR8437 workspace

Mechanical schematic of the SR8447, which is similar to the SR8437.
Dimensions are in mm.
Mechanical schematic of the SR8447 SCARA robot arm